Self-Identification is Self-Determination(?)

I wrote in my bio for this blog that I am an art education researcher, but I’m not sure that researcher says what I mean, or means what I feel I am or how I want to be known.

According to the OSU Art Education Department’s website, the Ph.D. I earned was intended to train me “to achieve a high level of scholarly competence and to develop the capacity to contribute to the field.”

Is this blog documentation of those objectives?  Could it qualify as scholarship to be used on a job application someday?  Afterall, more people have read the thoughts I’ve published here in the past week than probably ever heard of my dissertation.  Make that 100 times more.

But back to my original post.  How would I categorize what I am doing with this blog, if it is professional output.  Is it research, or something else?  I generally think of research as more focused and sustained than any one of these entries on its own.  But perhaps there is a way of understanding them as a totality as research.

If not researcher, what title should I give myself.  As an adjunct professor, no institution currently owns me or my title.  So I can call myself whatever I please, right?

I don’t intend to figure this out right now.  But here are a few terms that come to mind and I am wrestling with.

  • (Informed) Observer
  • (Cultural) Critic
  • Correspondent
  • Commentator
  • Scholar

Connections? Questions? Criticisms?

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