Ken & Sylvia: Revisited

While writing about picturebooks last week, I spent some time remembering Ken & Sylvia Marantz.  I hadn’t seen them in awhile and decided it was time to reconnect so Cora and I stopped by this morning for a visit.  As always, we were met by a smiling Sylvia and a candid Ken offering a plate full of a cookies, a stack of new picturebooks, and a lifetime of their own stories to share.

Ken and Sylvia’s home is like a museum that tells of their life together as intellectuals and lovers of the arts in all forms.  It was great to be there again and to see the two of them surrounded by all those beautiful books, images, and objects.  While they are getting older and each suffering from ailments that would mean the end of normal life for most folks, they are still reviewing hundreds of books a year, attending lectures, and traveling around the world.  Visiting with them was inspiring on so many levels.


One thought on “Ken & Sylvia: Revisited

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