Another Teenage Art Project Goes Viral

Thanks to my colleague, Craig Roland, for bringing the story of Rosea Lake and her photograph “Judgments” to my attention.  This is a story much like the one I wrote about a few weeks ago when the Live Toy Story project went viral.  Since she posted it in early January, Lake’s concept-driven piece (which would have been impressive had it been created by a professional artist rather than a high school student), has captured the attention of people around the world.  Including, a British lingerie company that tried to rip it off.

I love this post about Lake’s story. It calls on me to think more about how to integrate the “open web” (I’m not really familiar with this term but I like what it implies) into my teaching and, in turn, how to inspire my students to do the same with their students.  My own blogging is demonstrating to me just how powerful the Internet can be for sharing ideas and feeling as if one’s voice is being heard.  I want my students, and their students, to experience that too.

Connections? Questions? Criticisms?

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