Coming to Art Education Outside the Lines: Spring 2013

While I didn’t find much time to write last month due to a big teaching load and not as much childcare help as I had planned on, I have been dreaming about my work here and hope to catch up in March and April.  Here are a few things to look forward to:

Elmo, Buzz Lightyear, & Pinky Pie: What can we learn about creative development from childhood obsessions?

Creative exploration explosion: 2.5 is the magic number

Cooking: Another 21st century skill starting with the letter C

Toddler time @ the Columbus Museum of Art’s Center for Creativity: Explorations in play and programming

Please be sure to check in for all the latest!  Starting next week with inspirations from the National Art Education Association convention in Dallas, TX (March 7-10).


3 thoughts on “Coming to Art Education Outside the Lines: Spring 2013

    • And to think, just a few weeks ago Levi didn’t know who they were. It’s crazy, right? That movie, those characters, they’re like a drug. What I’m wondering is just what kind of drug they are…

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