Forcing Myself Outside the Lines

I had to move out of my office/studio this month. It was a sweet spot, lighted on three sides by a wall of windows, so I didn’t mind sharing it with the rest of the family’s sports equipment and muddy shoes.  It was a room Dan and I re-imagined for me when I first moved in with him and the kids.  I had been living and working alone and knew I would need a room of my own.

During the dreary winter months, I bathed in its hazy glow – even when I had to wear two sweaters, a hat, and blanket.  In the summer, I watched the birds fly around the garden as the crickets offered up a wall of ambient sound for me to work to. I’m moving out so we can make the space even more useable, so I’m hoping to be very happy in a couple of months. But for the time being, I need to find an alternate place to work.

I’ve been floating around the house for about a month, but yesterday I started to clear a spot for myself in the basement.  This got me thinking about how creativity can be fostered by changes like this.  I can remember a classmate in college who painted on a large scale until she moved back home with her parents and had to paint in her childhood bedroom rather than the campus studios.  Suddenly her work was super small, and incredibly interesting, particularly for the point of contrast it provided her old work.  I’m hoping that being in a new environment will change my work, in ways I can’t yet imagine.  I’m sure you’ll hear all about it.


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