Introducing: My Step-Monster’s Kitchen

I am so excited to announce the inaugural post on My Step-Monster’s Kitchen, a blog I’m working on with Rosa to document our adventures in cooking together.


Back at the beginning of March, I included “Cooking: Another 21st century skill starting with the letter C” as a topic I would be exploring this spring on Art Education Outside the Lines. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what form that investigation would take. As it turns out, its gotten a lot bigger than a few homemade meals and single post. It’s about collaborating with Rosa in the kitchen and at the computer – as mother and daugther, as teacher and apprentice, as friends.  

At this point, we have discussed the look, feel, and sound of our blog – the way we will frame our images, the voices we will use in the text, total- versus partial-anonymity, and our roles in moving the project forward.  These are learning objectives I’m proud to be addressing with her.  (Maybe I could conquer homeschooling some day…) It’s also really good exercise for me in working with a collaborator who has a very different perspective than me. I’m excited to challenge Rosa and to be challenged by her through throughout endeavor.

Buon Appetito!


2 thoughts on “Introducing: My Step-Monster’s Kitchen

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