Permission to Play: Artcars

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Today was lovely outside. Not too hot, not too cold.  Just right…for painting.

Cora and I hadn’t painted together in awhile.  Her easel caught a wind early this spring and flew off the porch while we were working and I haven’t had a chance to fix it.  Our sessions at the museum provided a few good opportunities, but it had been awhile.  Today we got out the paint and brushes and went wild.

We started painting on some large sheets of cardboard I had around, but Cora was loosing interest after what felt to me like a very short time (probably about 15 minutes).  Then I remembered she wanted to paint her toy car red like Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. I had said we’d get some spray paint, but there didn’t seem any reason to wait. We had paint and brushes in hand and the car was sitting just a few feet away.

I went first to show her I was serious but she caught on quickly.  We started on the sides but quickly our brushes migrated to the roof, wheels, and eventually inside the cab. We were busy for at least an hour though I truly lost track of time. We were in an amazing flow together.

Cora doesn’t know anything yet about the tradition of art cars.  I’ll have to show her some pictures one of these days. She’ll see some in person at various festivals around town this summer.  Perhaps she, and some of her friends, will even drive a fleet of their own creations in our local Doo Dah parade.


6 thoughts on “Permission to Play: Artcars

  1. oh my god! kiddie art cars is a stroke of freakin’ brilliance, jodi. you could totally make that happen at a comfest one year. or some other time. a kiddie art car (or any vehicle) parade might kick the ass of the duckling day one. i mean, we all love ducklings, don’t get me wrong, but your idea expanded has the makings of its own new thing. i am totally thinking about the wagon we have in the garage that could get a total makeover. i even saw a pic on the humans of new york (hony) website where 2 young adult guys had bought electric toy cars/motorbikes and tricked them out so they didn’t look like toys anymore – very cool. lots to think about here. thanks.

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