A Photo a Day: Little Hands Doing Big Things

DSC_0047Those who know me know that I love to sew. I came to this later in life, as a way to pass the time in graduate school. Like doing dishes, it was a way to keep my hands busy with little things while my brain was processing big ideas. Over time I’ve taught myself to read patterns and, eventually, experimented with how to alter them. I’ve taught Rosa and George how to run my sewing machine and even Cora has pushed the peddle for me from time to time. As I’ve written about here before, I don’t think it’s ever too early to instill an appreciation and love of hand-crafting in kids.

So, I was absolutely delighted today when Cora picked up some felt, needle and a thread I’d set by my side and began mimicking the running stitch she’d just seen me using. She excitedly held up her work to show me how she stuck the needle through one side and pulled it out the other end. And I excitedly ran to grab my camera.

Friedrich Froebel, the inventor of kindergarten, used 20 activities to introduce young children to a variety of skills. He called these “gifts.” Sewing cards were number 12. Watching Cora today, I understood the real meaning of that label. She was so pleased with her work. She knew that she was on to something big. And I can’t wait to help her do even more.


2 thoughts on “A Photo a Day: Little Hands Doing Big Things

  1. Love it! I remember those sewing cards!!! Do parents even use them these days? Of course, sewing is even better and for Cora to pick a needle up on her own… wow! And good for you for allowing her to do so and not worrying too much about her pricking her tiny fingers. Home Ec. in our middle schools has been reduced to making one pillow out of a kit and the teacher sews the final seam on the machine to avoid any damaged digits. Cora is learning wonderful life lessons from you – keep up the good work and the wonderful posts!

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