What a Difference a Year Can Make

One year (and two days) ago, I started this blog as a space to restore and redefine my voice as a scholar in the field of art education. While nothing I wrote ever went viral, I believe I succeeded. I like to think folks have found something of value in this space. Hopefully something you read inspired you to go out in the world with a fresh perspective.

This project has satisfied so many of the needs I have as a working-from-home art educator:
A space for recording my internal dialogue.
A way to share ideas without having to write a ten page APA-cited paper or traveling to a conference to deliver a powerpoint presentation, neither of which I really have time for or interest in at the moment.
An opportunity to honor people who have influenced me – both through personal and professional associations.
A means of connecting with my students; to share my reflections on interests we share and to model a kind of thinking and writing about art education that is both personal and critical.
A way to share thoughts and philosophies behind the work we do as educators in our homes as parents, in a more developed manner than playgroup conversations generally allow.

I’m looking forward to continuing this work and seeing where it might lead. But for now, Cora’s awake and ready for breakfast. Gotta go.


One thought on “What a Difference a Year Can Make

Connections? Questions? Criticisms?

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