I Heart Lists

I love making lists. Really, I love crossing things off lists, but I can’t imagine how I would have gotten where I am today without lists. After seven months with a smart phone, I still haven’t migrated to keeping effective lists digitally. I’m not sure why that is. I think it has to do with the physical act of crossing something off a list. Probably related to my urge to cling to any last traces of paper and pencil-based way of life.

I wonder if psychologists have studied that. They study so many things. Last week the NYTimes reported on some who had studied the effects of jinxing oneself by acknowledging a stroke of good luck and unjinxing oneself by knocking on wood. If they can measure that, and if they took the time to, they ought to be able to handle this. OK. I just Googled “psychology list making” and low and behold, the BBC (The Psychology of the To Do List) and NPR (10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists) have reports on it. But, since this is a tangent, I’ll let you explore them on your own.

Anyway, publishing a list causes one to focus on it in a new way. Like the trend of posting your weight on Facebook, now people are watching and waiting to see that you have accomplished your goals. In reality, few are really paying attention to your lists and getting the tasks accomplished is really just important to you. But no matter. You are working towards a goal and in your mind, others are counting on you, cheering for you, to reach it.

In that spirit, here are some things I hope to explore and write about in the second year of Art Education Outside the Lines.

1. Combatting the Teenage Wasteland with the Arts and Crafts

2. Creative Strategies for Mentoring Art Education Gradate Students Online

3. Tips for Creative Parenting from Other Art Educators and Arts Professionals
Might organize this as a series of home visits – like Columbus artist Melissa Vogley-Woods Studio Snapshot

4. More on play and art education. I want to revisit literature on Teaching for Artistic Behavior and Creativity.

5. Reflections on Teaching Teva Travelers, Cora’s Hippie Hebrew School for kids ages 2 1/2-7. I’m the parent-leader this year. Lots to consider here with regard to cultural heritage celebration and preservation, identity development, and the role of storytelling and art making in working with young children in this context.

Keep me honest folks.

And let me know if you have any requests for my next list.


2 thoughts on “I Heart Lists

  1. Dear Jodi:
    Here is a a wonderful book on the subject:
    Lists: To-dos ILLUSTRATED INVENTORIES Collected Thoughts and Other Artists’

    • I failed to mention anything about academic lists. You and your quotographies and Craig Roland and his pithy round-ups on artistic thinking and big ideas would be at the top.

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