But Somehow, I Have Near Infinite Patience for This…

Crafty Cora has been giving me a run for my money lately.

In case you are a new parent who hasn’t heard yet, the so-called “terrible twos” are nothing compared with the “trying threes.” (I think I could live without ever encountering the “ferocious fours”…) I won’t get into all the gory details here. It’s boring. The only important factor to consider in the context of this post is I have been losing my patience A LOT lately. It hasn’t helped that I have been swamped with student papers to respond to, some of which I’ll be writing about soon. (Fortunately, they’re that exciting!)

This afternoon it snowed. The city all but shutdown before dawn in advance of the “impending doom” declared by the local new outlets, so I didn’t plan any afternoon excursions. After a trip to the gym and the market, we were home to play, field a few phone calls, make challah, and start some XMas crafting.

It was marvelous. And it was messy.

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While I readily admit I have lost my ability to keep a cool head with regard to potty training and bedtime, I was like Buddha in the kitchen this afternoon. Flour and paint were everywhere but I didn’t loose my cool for a single moment. It helped that my attentions were appreciated. Cora was behaving like the “big girl” I know she can be. Like her brother and sister, she’s better when she’s busy. I also appreciated having a few hours to devote to her without any distractions. It’s been awhile since we had time together like that.


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