Kids Play Makes GOOD in 2013

I remember when GOOD magazine started in 2006, though I can’t remember how I first heard about it. The subscription was ridiculously low and you could assign it to one of a dozen non-profits the founders selected to receive grants generated by the subscriptions.  That’s right. The folks producing it were not getting paid for awhile for the GOOD of the work they set out to do – to “chronicle and champion the emerging identity of the global citizen and creative changemaker.” Anyway, I stopped subscribing to the print magazine a few years ago, but I still get their emails. These are often buried in my inbox. (I currently have 9,608 unread messages. New Year’s Resolution; do something about that.)  But today’s post caught my eye. “Best of 213: Five Ways Kids Inspired Us through Play.”

I’m not usually one for end of the year BEST OF lists, but this one is worth your time. I’m off to read “Best of 2013: Seven Ways Imagination Ruled the World.”


Connections? Questions? Criticisms?

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