With Animated Wishes

A few weeks ago I wrote about my neighbor June and her fascination with The Art of Frozen.  Then, a few days later I received this email:


The message came as validation that all this blogging has been worthwhile. I immediately Googled Charles Solomon. Man does this guy have a resume. Imagining him in his office looking at and thinking about June’s drawings brought me to tears.

It took about a week for the bookplate to arrive and while I’m usually terrible about keeping secrets, I kept this one. Sort of. I posted about it on Facebook, but June’s parents aren’t active there so I knew they wouldn’t see it. Once the plate arrived in the mail, I told June’s mom I had a surprise to share. Today I took Cora over for a playdate with June’s little sister with the bookplate in hand.

June was in bed recovering from her first sleepover at a friend’s house so I showed it to her mom. She was as amazed as I was by the story of a publicist finding my blog and sharing it with the author. She suggested that Mr. Solomon was probably like June when he was a kid – obsessed with the art of the animated films he saw – and her work may have reminded him of his younger self. I like that idea.

When I got back to pick up Cora, June was awake and showed me her copy of The Art of Frozen with the bookplate stuck to the inside cover. I hope she has that book for a long, long time and that she never forgets the special message it holds for her.

photo 2


3 thoughts on “With Animated Wishes

  1. His note brought tears to my eyes, too! I wish I had more profound words to express how much this touched me, but I’ll simply say “Thank you!”.

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