I Could Be at NAEA Right Now. Should I Be at NAEA Right Now?

I’m missing the National Art Education Association convention this year. While I would have loved to travel to San Diego (it’s snowing in Columbus tonight), networked with old friends and colleagues (Shout out Craig, Elizabeth, and Michelle. Love you Amy!), and heard some inspiring talks by new voices, I have so much going on at home it wasn’t in the cards. Perhaps if the proposal I submitted had been accepted I would have tried harder.

Back in December when I made my final decision to stay home this weekend, my colleagues were bummed and made me feel (just a little) guilty that I wouldn’t be there to hang out together and represent our program. That I could handle. In the abstract, I was fine saying no. I made the call based on issues unrelated to my academic self, for reasons that relate to why I’m a full-time adjunct and not climbing the mountain to tenure. I wasn’t yearning to go.

But then this happened:

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 10.19.43 PM

Hilary was one of my students at UF. She lives in Northern California and graduated in December. Her project was one of those I wrote about in my inaugural capstone round-up. Meeting her would have meant something. Her project was intense, and important to her personally and to me for the professional challenges it provided.

Our students meet one another during on-campus summer studio sessions in Gainesville. They meet the faculty who teach on campus as well. But I remain, primarily, words on the screen punctuated by a few video chats. Attending the conference is one of the few times we have together, live and in person, at least those of us who show up. This time I didn’t. Next time I will.



2 thoughts on “I Could Be at NAEA Right Now. Should I Be at NAEA Right Now?

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