Digital Process Art

A student recently raised a question that went something like this:

What does the process art of young children look like in the digital age?

Here’s one answer.


Recently Cora figured out that a free drawing app that has been on our iPad includes a bunch of coloring pages. She has taken to coloring in the spaces, all in one color. It occurred to me today that she is doing this for the pleasure of seeing the spaces fill up. The image is of little consequence. As soon as she finishes a page, she often colors over her work in a new color. There is no concern for saving her work, she doesn’t usually even ask anyone to look at it.

This is the essence of process art in the lives of young children: open-ended sensory exploration.


One thought on “Digital Process Art

  1. Thoughtful post and videos. This definitely makes one think about today’s students and their position in the digital age. Their process art tools are definitely different than they were generations before. I enjoyed the video of the child exploring the color changing process in the iPad coloring app. It appeared she was enjoying today’s interpretation of Froebel’s idea of sensory play and exploration. She seemed to be learning about the value of exploring ideas and processes even without a strict adherence to the visual results of her explorations. It personally was liberating to see the open freedom of the child’s explorations. Finally, after reading a bit about “free” schools, I am aware that some children who are encouraged to participate in this type of free exploration will successfully pursue more pointed and personal learning about related processes. Process exploration continues to look more and more like an invaluable learning process for some children.

Connections? Questions? Criticisms?

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