Picturebooks on the Potty: Vol. 2, No. 12



Here’s a little collection for October featuring witches, monsters, and some incredible costumes.

I am working on a post in my mind about the pop star-like crushes I have on a few picture book author-illustrators at the moment. Peter Brown is one of them. I wrote about The Curious Gardenhis homage to the NYC Highline Park, last year. His imagery has a fresh, contemporary feel about it and many of his stories fall a bit outside the parameters of everyday life. See for instance Children Make Terrible Pets. My Teacher is a Monster (2014) touches on both back to school and Halloween themes. Perfect fall reading.

Fraidy Zoo (Heder, 2013) isn’t about Halloween either, but I highly recommend it for any family looking for DIY costume ideas. When Little T’s family postpones their trip to the zoo to try to figure out what’s scaring her about going, they spend the day transforming themselves into a colorful menagerie of animals through some surprisingly creative repurposing of household materials.

Finally, A Very Witchy Spelling Bee (Shannon/Fearing, 2013) will get you in the magic-making spirit of the season. It includes lots of clever plays on words that introduce young readers to the nuances of spelling. There is one mean old witch but even she is a friend by the end.


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