Photo of the Day: First I yelled, then I kvelled

 Cora found a stain on the coffee table today and turned it into a lion. With red Sharpie.

Naturally I was livid. What on earth was she thinking drawing on the furniture? With a marker she knows she isn’t allowed to use? But once I got a good look at what she did I could’t help but be proud. She found a mark and turned it into something entirely new. Truly A+ work.


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: First I yelled, then I kvelled

  1. Kids practice and develop creativity through the arts. They apply it everyewhere. The problem is when we see them apply it, it often takes the form of non-compliant, non-conformist. Complience and conformity are the anthesis of creativity, yet they make schooling in an industral model easier. We have to encourage kids to push the boundries and apply their creatiivty even when it doesn’t meet our needs and expectations as adults. Creativity is what is needed when there is a problem, mistake or stain. Adults tend to focus on what it is and not what it could be. Bravo Jodi!!! for encouraging creativity!

  2. Beautiful – many moms have found themselves in this exact situation. When I found my 2 year old in his crib with an orange sharpie (on the walls, on the bed, on himself…) I had the same mixed emotions. I took 3 or 4 photos before I cleaned up and they are some of the best examples I have been able to capture of his early mark-making. Just think – that lion (or my toddler’s scribbles) would not have had the same impact or be as memorable if they had been done “where they belong”. Context counts!

    PS – in case you haven’t yet discovered, rubbing alcohol will get sharpie off almost any surface

  3. Dear Jodi,
    May I weigh in with my vote that you preserve Cora’s Table Lion? I’m thinking a coat of shellac is warranted and I would LOVE to assist with a gift of whatever replacement coffee table you and Dan might choose!
    Much admiration and love,
    Cousin Bonnie

  4. Yes, A+! I love her creativity. My daughter did the same thing when she was about four. There was a paint chip on the wall and she drew a little creature around it. I couldn’t be mad because it was such a great example of her creativity (I would love to post a little picture for you all to see, but the comment section won’t let me). I hope it never stops and we can continue to encourage our kids to always see the possibility.

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