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I grew up, was educated, and taught high school on the East Coast before journeying to the Midwest for advanced studies in art education at The Ohio State University. Since then, I have taught courses and advised graduate students working on contemporary issues in art education, supervised student teachers in public and private schools, and worked with teachers and parents of young children to integrate arts-based learning into their lives. In addition, I have served as an Educational Consultant to the Columbus Museum of Art, Wexner Center for the Arts, Dublin Arts Council and Ohio Wesleyan University.  For the past five year, I have taught for the University of Florida’s Online Masters in Art Education program since its inception in the Fall of 2010.

My doctoral dissertation (which feels like 100 years ago) was a study of innovations in undergraduate art foundations curricula at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University.  My current research interests include the creative experiences of young child and their parents, authenticity in art education, and community art and education.  You can read some of publications online including:
Art Education in My Backyard: Creative Placemaking on an Urban Farm
Pedagogical Souvenirs: An Art Educator’s Reflections on Field Trips as Professional Development
Recognizing Artists as Public Intellectuals

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing, cooking, gardening (check out my farm blog, and volunteering with community organizations pursuing arts and environmental initiatives in Columbus, OH, where I live with my family.

(Photo credit: Julian Halliday)

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