Most Simply Stated: What Educators Need

Every Saturday I race to flip through the sections of the previous Sunday’s New York Times I didn’t get through before the next edition hits our doorsteps. This week, in an article from September 4th on (de Blasio’s)┬ánew public pre-K programs in NYC, I found one of the single best sentences I’ve ever read about education. It seems the new program is supporting professional development for early childhood educators to familiarize them with play-based approaches to learning. It all sounds “very Reggio” as we often say, shorthand for education inspired by the Italian Reggio Emilia model. At this point the training has been┬árather minimal – just three days – and in the end the author argues the teachers need more than a love of children and certifications.

They need worldliness and quick intellectual reflexes.

And with that, she had me. The most perfect, pithy description I have ever come across for what it takes to be an effective and engaging educator.