NYC 2014: Day Two Photo Dump


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Traveling for Business (& Pleasure)

Three part harmony:
1. Next week I’m going on a trip.
2. To New York City.
3. Alone.

The primary purpose of the journey is professional. I’ll be meeting with art educators who teach in a range of settings outside K-12 schools. This is a focus of my teaching at UF as well as my writings on this blog. You can be sure I’ll post about my adventures and learnings here.

My interest in this area started in New York while I was a student at Pratt Institute, so it seems a fitting place to return for inspiration. While I recognize that there are amazing things happening all over the country – my students’ have done a great job of expanding my knowledge and appreciation – it’s hard to deny there’s still something really magical about The City. I’m looking forward to staying with my friend and mentor, Amy Brook Snider, and catching up with old friends and family.

So far, the itinerary includes the following sites where I’ll be speaking with educators about their experiences as well as observing workshops and other happenings.

Kara Walker’s (2014) installation @ the Domino Sugar Factory “A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby an Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant”

Eckford Street Studios

The Children’s Museum of Arts New York

Scandanavia House

The Artists in Residence @ P.S. 20

Of course, I’ll be in New York so I expect to find inspiration around every corner. If you know of a great space I must add to my itinerary, let me know in a comment. I’ll be sure to let you know what I find.